Top Banana (6 foot 7)

by Chima Anya

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I’m somewhat of anomaly, commonly they fond of me
Scholars dropping me in the topic of astronomy
Doctors slotting me in the column of authority
The boss is what they calling me, dissolving your autonomy
YEAH IT’S THE DOCTOR, rocking there’s no stopping me
I’ll break your shit up like a comma and apostrophe
I’d love to be a rapper but not in this economy
Supply outstrips demand and my art isn’t commodity

I’d love to be a rapper but me I’d do it properly
Teeny tiny man and his posse are just pop to me
That’s why im on the ward and the nurses coming on to me
Organising ct’s, xrays and endoscopy
Nurses they be dirty they say chima put your cock in me
Yes I want you orally but only after sodomy
I’m like sweetie please yo, I’d never go colonically
Not even maybe possibly, that way is just just not for me
Most niggaz a mockery, motivated sloppily
I gotta a mega drive, but I ain’t playing sonically
Mans should quit rap take up bakery or pottery
Cause basically I fall asleep when they just be up on the beat
Blatanly they proper weak, some bait MC’s and poncy geeks
Turn away from rap and look to sainbury for the job you seek
Faithfully honestly, my aim is deep philosophy
The only way you’ll stop that will be painfully I promise thee
Aiming for the art, aiming for the artery
Everything you claim in your statements is a farce to me

Rap is not a hobby, it’s no longer fun to me
It’s just a reflex, all these lyrics they just come to me
I could be in the presence of some company
Suddenly mid sentence, I’ll just bust a free
I treat the fucking beat like a piece of luncheon meat
Look I love james brown bro it’s the funk in me
I like grime also that’s the cunt in me

Fun to me, come to me, cunt in me, funk in me, companay, bus a free

Top banana X3

You don’t understand so you think it’s silly
And stupid 10 year olds are so quick to diss me
But I’ll make em disspear like pretty ricky
And leave in a poor state MISSISSIPI
My main goal in life is to get a milli
And if possible deep throat head from Britney
So I gotta move now and set up swiftly
Stop wastin my time yo I’m getting busy


released February 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Chima Anya UK

Doctor, Rapper. Itunes best of hiphop, Pulse Magazine GP of the year. Internationally known. Nintendo fan.

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